Laser Therapy

‘Regenerative Laser Therapy’ using our innovative class 4 SMART RLT technology involves delivering pulses of photo-acoustic waves deep into injured tissues in a way that is non-invasive and safe for the horse.

These photo-acoustic waves create outgoing shockwaves as they are absorbed into the deeper fibres, interacting with the extra cellular matrix surrounding the tendons and ligaments treated, to release growth factors critical in the healing process. The laser is delivered at specific frequencies targeted to the site and type of injury. Both acute and chronic injuries can be treated successfully with an appropriate laser therapy course.

Double blinded scientific studies have been carried out to show that laser therapy can stimulate regeneration of tissues, re-align damaged tissue fibres and reduce scarring where a horse has been diagnosed with a soft tissue injury. The result is a faster recovery for you and your horse, as well as improved comfort levels due to reduced inflammation at the injury site throughout the rehabilitation period.

Laser therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, has been shown to work primarily by increasing blood flow to the injured tissues, enhancing cellular metabolism and therefore their regeneration. In other words, laser therapy supports and stimulates the body to speed up its own healing properties.

Laser therapy can be helpful in the treatment of a myriad of cases including:

  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Scar tissue
  • Cellulitis
  • Lymphangitis
  • Kissing spines
  • Wounds caused by trauma or post operatively

Treatment courses typically vary from 3 to 36 treatment sessions, intensively over a week or several weeks. At Gibbs Marsh, we can offer full boarding of your horses at the clinic while undergoing treatment to allow us to provide the maximum frequency of sessions. Each treatment takes 5-10 minutes, is well tolerated by horses and completely safe and legal within governing performance bodies. We are also able to take on referrals from other veterinary clinics for laser therapy.