Telephone: 01963 362699

Services & Facilities

Gibbs Marsh Equine provides exceptional high quality care to all our clients. We offer both ambulatory and in house services with an array of diagnostic equipment. Gibbs Marsh Equine is situated on Gibbs Marsh Farm, just outside Stalbridge. There is a central office where there is always someone available to help in office hours, either by booking an appointment, collecting drugs or in an emergency situation.
Office opening times for routine appointments: Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30pm.

We are very proud to offer our own out of hours service that is divided between our 3 vets, 24/7 365days of the year. Gibbs Marsh equine also has stabling facilities opposite the office to provide in-patient care, if required, for our patients. This also provides the opportunity to run various clinics from the practice. These include lameness evaluations using the trot up area, full size rubber arena allowing any ridden observation, a hard and soft lunge area and consultation boxes if subsequent procedures are required. This facility also provides the opportunity to host visiting specialist clinics for our clients including dedicated medicine and standing surgery days.